Sunday, 15 December 2013

Canada Reads 2014

I am always excited by Canada Reads.  
I love a good, intelligent debate over books. 
And this year, I even have an opportunity to have mini-debates with some friends before the 'big debate' begins.
There is a new twist this year!  It really got me excited. Readers were challenged to nominate a book 'that could change the nation...or even the world'.  What a huge challenge!
Thousands of nominations poured in from across the country.  The top 40 books were announced along with a challenge to vote for your favourite.  This brought the list to 10, and then the panelists made their picks. So we are reading five books and trying to decide which book could change the nation.  Sounds fabulous, eh?

Well....I have read three of the picks and, to put it gently, I cannot imagine how the panel are going to argue that these books could 'change the nation'.

I found the books last year much more interesting and was really passionate about one.  It definitely could 'change the nation', but was not nominated this year because it had already been included last year.

Check my blog from last year by clicking on this:  Canada Reads 2013

Her are the books for this year:
1.) Half-blood Blues           -supported by Donovan Bailey
2.) Annabel                        - supported by Sarah Gadon
3.) The Orenda                  - supported by Wab Kinew
4.) Cockroach                    - supported by Samantha Bee
5.) The Year of the Flood  - supported by Stephen Lewis

I have a strong feeling about which book SHOULD win though I haven't read it yet.  Hint, hint, it is the second in a series of three, written by a very famous Canadian author.  But, since I was so disappointed last year, I will wait and see.....

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