Monday, 30 March 2015

The Cellist of Sarajevo

This book hit a chord with the library book club.  Some liked it, some didn't.  In fact, some really, really liked it!
This led to a very interesting discussion of the book.  When we rated it out of ten, we had every rating from 2 to 10.  Why?  Mostly because the content evoked emotion with readers.  For some, there was a connection to family history or  a special understanding of Sarajevo and the events behind the story.  For others, there was a revulsion to the horrendous events described.
Was the book accurate?
Was it well-written?
Was it hopeful or tragic?
These questions were also discussed.

Why do we react to books the way we do?

This quote is from "Why I Read" by Wendy Lesser:
"Because reading is such an individual act, the pleasures we derive from literature- even which books we are willing to call 'literature'- will not be identical.  
Reading can result in boredom or transcendence, rage or enthusiasm, depression or hilarity, empathy or contempt, depending on who you are and what the book is and how your life is shaping up at the moment you encounter it.  This effect will be particular to each person, and it will change over time, just as the person changes over time- and the richer and more complicated that book is, the more this will be true."

This is one reason that I love to read and enjoy connecting with the community of readers.
You can read about that on a past blog here.
You will also see a picture of the library book club a year ago.  It has doubled in number since then.  And I do so much enjoy hearing different reactions to one book.
Sometimes it is not important if you like a book of not.  Did it touch you?

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